Deep Dive Dubai

The latest addition to the city’s thriving sports and adventure activities scene, Deep Dive Dubai is the place to be for all aqua enthusiasts. Opened in July 2021, the recreational center’s 60.02m-deep pool is certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s deepest swimming pool for diving. 

Aside from its remarkable depth, the pool features other unrivalled underwater additions, such as a ‘sunken city’; with its abandoned urban streetscape, divers can explore this modern Atlantis-like immersive zone and discover intricate details.

Shaped like an oyster, the building’s design pays homage to Dubai’s pearl diving heritage and the bravery of Emirati pioneers. With an onsite dive and gift shop, a restaurant and meeting spaces that can host up to 100 guests, Deep Dive Dubai is also a dynamic venue for events.

Experiences to try at Deep Dive Dubai

The center offers year-round freediving and scuba diving courses as well as guided experiences, conducted by a team of sought-after international diving professionals. Offerings fall under three categories to best cater to those aged 10 and older of all levels, from newbies to plunge experts.

The Discover category is for those who are keen on a single dive or want to get started on a diver certification. Meanwhile, anyone can take advantage of the Dive category to try diving experiences within their certification limits. As the name indicates, the Develop category provides training for skills growth and certifications up to instructor-level.