Deir Al-Surian

Around half a kilometer from St. Bishoi Monastery, is Deir As-Surian or the Syrian Monastery which, of the four in Wadi Natrun is most renowned for its exquisite frescoes, icons, and other religious artwork. This Monastery gets its name from times long ago when many Syrian monks called it home. The church of the Virgin was built in Deir As-Surian around the cave in which St. Bishoi spent most of his days and is a lovely and serene place of worship; with its charming gardens and scenic desert backdrop this monastery is one of the most pleasant to visit in the region. As with all of the monasteries of Egypt, modest dress is required. Wadi Natrun is located 100 km northwest of Cairo in the Western Desert. The only way to get there is by car or by bus. West Delta Buses leave every hour from the Heliopolis station