Adventure Experiences


Camping in the White Desert is surreal. Discover the unexpected; diving from the coasts of Egypt constantly unravels underwater treasures and an abundance of undersea life. You can choose to go for German submarine and Napoleonic era warship wreck dives, coral reef diving in the Red Sea or explore underwater ruins in the Mediterranean that date back from the golden age of the pharaohs up to the reign of Cleopatra. If you don’t care to dive, but would still love to get wet, harness the wind! Kite-surfing in Safaga is adrenaline-packed fun. See our collection of adventure itineraries and attractions to start planning your very own adventure in Egypt.

Sun & Sea

Egypt has a long coast with its north coast bordering the Mediterranean sea and red sea on the side. There is also a lengthy beautiful coastline along with river Nile. Some of the Egypt beaches are among the world’s most luxurious beach fronts, Full of water activities and spectacular diving spots.

Ecotourism and nature

Armed with a wealth of natural attractions scattered across three deserts, two seas and the Nile Delta, Egypt is ripe with options for more sustainable travel. The government has in recent years started speaking about the importance of better nurturing Egypt’s ecotourism attractions in its strategy to revive the tourism industry at large.

Nile Cruise

Sailing the Nile along the lush Nile Valley surrounded by golden dunes and sightseeing Ancient Egyptian monuments such as Kom Ombo and Abu Simbel is tourism at its best. Wake to the soft light of the morning sun, take in the heat and cool off in the pool on the deck of a cruiser; watch fishermen cast their nets, farmers take to their fields, a flight of birds, and water buffalos staring back at you. Book a Nile cruise and you just might unravel another layer of the mystery that is Ancient Egypt