The Nile

The Nile Valley is home to the Valley of the Kings, the iconic Pyramids, the majestic Sphinx and the stunning temples of Luxor and Karnak. Explore the cradle of civilization and sail the world’s longest river. Visit the Nile Valley and marvel at the wonders of the Ancient Egyptians. There is nothing in the world like it.

The Red Sea

Revel under the sun in the Red Sea Riviera and enjoy some of the best seaside and family activities in eastern Egypt. Located near the Eastern Desert and south of the Sinai, the Red Sea Riviera is a long coastal area full of beautiful beaches that lead to the Red Sea. Here you’ll be able to swim among dolphins, dugongs and an overwhelming number of flora and fauna.

The Med

On the pristine coastline of the White Med you’ll find the right mix of resorts, cultural attractions, sports activities, and small town charm. The White Med runs from El Alamein to the small harbour town of Masra Matruh. Visit Alexandria to see Pompey’s Pillar, El Alamein to see the site of a major World War II battle and take an overnight trip to Cairo to see the Pyramids before you return to the comfort of your seaside resort at the White Med.

The Deserts

Travel through miles and miles of golden dunes. See uncanny rock formations and rest at precious oases- take a safari into the Western Desert. The Western Desert is 262, 000 square miles of dunes, canyons, oases, mountainous plateaus, and valleys that span most of the land west of the Nile Valley. Once you reach the White Desert, sand and black rocks give way to the awe inspiring sight of a magical landscape full of strange limestone concretions that are shaped like giant mushrooms, fjords and icebergs.  Quench your thirst at any of the five oases. Do not miss a chance to unravel a layer of the mystery and tour the desert.