Explore the Museums of Diriyah

Diriyah stretches over an expanse of mixed terrain, sights, and scenes that curious wanderers can dive into, shuffle through, listen to and peek into, treasuring the effect it brings.

One of the most important open tourist destinations in the region, Al Bujairi neighborhood is distinguished by its winding alleys and its low mud houses. It’s the same place that accommodated the house of Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdulwahab, the well-known religious scholar and theologian from the Najd.

The museums in Diriyah, four of which are inside At-Turaif Quarter, offer an interactive experience through time and cultures, featuring some of the most fascinating objects from Saudi history.

Diriyah Museum 

Dedicated to Diriyah’s rich heritage, the museum inside the Salwa Palace displays the history of the first Saudi state through a collection of informational materials, such as the royal family tree, models and illustrations, in addition to exhibits and heritage pieces.


Saudi Daily Life Museum

This museum gives a glimpse into the daily life of the original inhabitants of Diriyah with exhibits that echo local memories and story fragments, flourishing customs, traditions, and nostalgia.

Military Museum

The Military Museum focuses on the military side of the kingdom, highlighting the tools of war, battles and many aspects of war at that time including treasuries and displays about the status of the defense of Diriyah in that era.

Arabian Horse Museum

Intended to explore the important history of the Arabian horses, their impact and its unique relationship with the royals through time. The museum also displays passports of the Arabian horses that the royal family rode along with the impact horses have had on many aspects of life, from war, transportation, and sport. There’s also a horse stable outside where visitors can interact and pet the horses.