Fast facts about Qatar

How long has the area comprising Qatar been inhabited?

  The name ‘Qatar’ was first used by the Roman writer Pliny the Elder and referred to the inhabitants of the region called Catharra. 

Who rules Qatar?

 The Al-Thani family has ruled Qatar since 1825, with His Highness The Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani the current head of state.

What does Qatar’s flag signify?

Qatar’s flag is white and maroon with a serrated vertical divide.  The nine-pointed serrated edge signifies Qatar as the ninth member of the “reconciled emirates” following the Qatari-British treaty of 1916.

What are some of Qatar’s key demographics?

Population: about 2.8 million people live in Qatar (2020), with Qatari locals making up 15% of this number

Qatar is home to over 100 nationalities

Qatar has the world’s lowest female population by percentage of total population. Just 24.7% of its population is female, meaning there are three men for every woman. This is largely due to the vast number of male migrant workers.

How safe and easy is it to travel to Qatar?

Citizens of more than 80 countries can enter Qatar visa-free, making it the most open country in the ME and 8th in the world in terms of visa facilitation


Safest country in the world by NUMBEO (lowest on crime index), Qatar is ranked 31 out of 153 countries in the Global Peace Index.  It is one of the safest countries in the world to live in.

Qatar is the richest country in the world as measured by GDP per capita.

Does Qatar have wildlife?

21 species of mammals are found in Qatar. 

Animals in Qatar include Asiatic jackals, Cape hares, caracals, desert hedgehogs, red foxes, sand cats, striped hyenas, arabian sand gazelles, and Wagner’s gerbils. Introduced species include the dromedary; the Arabian oryx has been reintroduced.

What are some traditional sports in Qatar?

Falconry is a traditional sport in Qatar and is part of the country’s intangible heritage. It is possible to purchase a falcon at the dedicated falcon market, which also contains a falcon hospital.

The national carrier, Qatar Airways allows travelers to carry falcons in its Economy Class cabins of its aircraft; permitting a maximum of six falcons in any one plane.

The country has a long history of camel racing, and now features robot jockeys – miniature humanoid robots connected to their trainers by remote-control walkie-talkies.

Equestrian sports are also an important part of Qatar’s sporting landscape, with Al Shaqab Equestrian Centre within Education City home to some of the finest Arabian steeds.  

Which sporting events has Qatar hosted or won rights to host?

Qatar has been the first Middle Eastern country to host a number of largescale sporting events. These include:

2006 Asian games

23rd World Corporate Games in 2019

17th World Championships in Athletics in 2019

FIFA World Cup in 2022

What makes the FIFA World Cup 2022 unique?

Not only is it the first FIFA World Cup in the region, but with all games played within and near Doha, it will be the most compact. 

A modular design for stadiums means this World Cup will be more sustainable than others.

This will be the last world cup to be played in a single country.

Do any international universities have campuses in Qatar?

Yes, several internationally renowned universities have campuses in Doha. These include:

Weill Cornell Medical College

Carnegie Mellon University

Virginia Commonwealth University

 School of the Arts