Insprational Experiences 

Qatar, then and now

Qatar became an independent nation in 1971, before which it was a British Protectorate.  It has come a long way since then, achieving an impressive transformation. Witness its progress and development, from a pearl fishing community to the world’s wealthiest country, through images.

Get onboard a traditional dhow

Today dhows may feature modern amenities designed to entice tourists and the curious. A barbeque dinner featuring authentic Arab delicacies and traditional Qatari hospitality would be a wonderful way for you to spend a magical, soothing evening.

Eight things to do in Lusail

Lusail is one of the most exciting cities in which to live, work and play. Each district offers an array of residential, commercial, hospitality and retail destinations, as well as schools, mosques, hotels, medical facilities, sports venues, entertainment and shopping centres.

Admire the dazzling Pink Supermoon in Qatar

There are so many celestial wonders to admire and so many locations in the world to enjoy them from. For the astronomy lovers especially, selecting a special observing site to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking events occuring, can transform this experience into a memory of a lifetime.

The top 10 Instagram-friendly places in Qatar

Architectural masterpieces, impressive public art installations, significant cultural and educational landmarks, and unbeatable views make Qatar a photographers’ paradise. Here are some of the most photogenic and Instagrammable locations in this small, but truly enchanting country. Prepare your cameras and get inspired!

Fast facts about Qatar

Did you know that the name ‘Qatar’ was first used by the Roman writer Pliny the Elder and referred to the inhabitants of the region called Catharra? Click the button bellow to find out more interesting facts!

10 architectural wonders in Qatar

Qatar boasts a unique skyline, with buildings designed by award-winning architects from around the globe, yet inspired by local tradition.  

Aspire Zone Foundation

Located minutes from central Doha, Aspire Zone is marked by The Torch Doha, the 300m tall hotel which boasts panoramic views of the city.  With world-class sports venues, a training academy, sports medicine hospital, turf research centre, as well as five-star accommodation, restaurants and entertainment, it is a compact destination for sport lovers. The vast green spaces of Aspire Park, spread over 880,00 m2, offer respite from the cityscape, with walking/running tracks, children’s play areas, a large lake, and Perceval, a public artwork by Sarah Lucas. Cafés and dining venues dot the area, while Villaggio Mall and Hyatt Plaza Mall provide more entertainment, dining and retail options. 

Doha Exhibition and Convention Center

Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) offers vast versatile spaces to host events.  It comprises seven exhibition halls and conference rooms under an impressive floating blade roof. 

Heenat Salma Farm

Situated in the Al Shahaniya municipality is Heenat Salma Farm. It attracts the eco-conscious, farming traditionalists and true fans of organic, natural produce. Heenat promotes communal living and welcomes guests who respect nature


One of the most widely known landmarks in Doha, the spiral-shaped Fanar building is centrally located near Souq Waqif and the Museum of Islamic Art.  It can be seen from a distance, especially in the evenings when its lighting accentuates the unique design of this beautifully unique piece of architecture. Fanar was once the largest mosque in the country.

Al Shahaniya camel racetrack

A visit to Al Shahaniya offers a unique opportunity to admire the best groomed and some of the most expensive camels in the world.

Take your camera to Zig Zag Towers

Located on a prime waterfront site between the districts of Lusail and The Pearl, West Bay Lagoon Plaza twin towers, or the dancing towers, are also fondly known as the Zig Zag Towers for obvious reasons.


Msheireb Downtown

Comprising over 100 buildings with commercial and residential properties as well as retail and cultural offerings, the stunning Barahat or courtyard lies at the heart of Msheireb Downtown. It includes niche retail and a variety of al fresco dining options.  The Msheireb Museums are a project by Msheireb Properties and celebrate the history of Qatar through four heritage houses in the heart of Msheireb Downtown Doha.