Karnak Temple Complex

The Karnak Temple Complex is home to three main temples, several smaller enclosed temples, and a number of outer temples – combining the achievements of many generations of ancient builders over a period of 1500 years. Around thirty different pharaohs contributed to the building process of this site, enabling it to reach a size, complexity and diversity not seen elsewhere. It was after all the New Kingdom’s most sacred site. The Ancient complex covers a total area of 2 sq. km, and its name \”Karnak\” means \”fortified settlement\” in Arabic. The temple of Amun, the complex’s main structure, is the largest place of worship ever built. It is surrounded by two other gigantic temples, dedicated to Amun’s wife, Mut and his son, Khonsu, respectively Although it might seem badly ruined today, there are still many features to Karnak that make it one of the largest and most impressive of all ancient sites in Egypt. Ticket Price(s): Regular: 65 EGP Student: 35 EGP