St. Bishoi Monastery

Deir Anba Bishoi in Wadi Natrun, not far from Cairo, is an image of serenity. It includes a church which holds the body of the Saint Bishoi, founder of the monastery, as well as several other saints; his body is still intact in a \”tube-like\” coffin, which is taken on procession around the church on July 17th each year. You can sit in the garden of this monastery, or wander around the new cathedral and watch the resident monks go about their daily chores; you can also enjoy lovely views of the desert from its rooftop. Please dress modestly while visiting the Coptic Monasteries. Wadi Natrun is located 100 km northwest of Cairo in the Western Desert. The only way to get there is by car or by bus. West Delta Buses leave every hour from the Heliopolis station.