Temple of Dendera

Walk by several Roman kiosks, pass through the colossal gateway of Domitian and Trajan that is surrounded by a massive mud-brick enclosure and enter into the cavernous hypostyle hall of Tiberius. Visit the best preserved temple in Egypt. See vivid scenes that depict the Roman emperor Trajan paying homage to the Ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor and other mythical reliefs that adorn this gorgeous Graeco-Roman temple. Dendera is located about 60 km North of Luxor on the west bank of the Nile, opposite the provincial modern town of Qena. Called Lunet or Tantere and considered as the capital of the 6th nome in Upper Egypt by Ancient Egyptians, it was also known as Tentyris to the Greeks. Ticket Price(s): Regular: 35 EGP Student: 20 EGP