Khirbet Irtah

Sitting in the center of the ruins of Khirbet Irtah is a press for grapes. This grape press is built from stone and paved with white mosaic. It is surrounded by square mosaics on all sides, and beside it there are ruins of many wells and caves.

Al Qa’im Maqam Museum

Al Qa’im Maqam Museum reflects the history of the Tulkarm governorate. MOTA restored the building as a museum through a project over one and a half years. Unfortunately, the site was damaged by Israeli bombing and it is in need of rehabilitation.

Kur Village

On the site of the village, visitors can find a castle and the ruins of a mosque in the center, and buildings that date from the time of the Mamluks and Ottomans. There are also many tombs that are carved inside the rocks and come from the same era. Through the village, there are also still many old, not excavated building.

The Shrine of Jacob’s Daughter

The Shrine of Jacob’s Daughter is located in Irtah Village. The ground floor of the shrine is a Roman building and the upper floor dates back to the Islamic period. The structure of the shrine contains two rooms with two domes, and an outside yard that is reminiscent of Islamic architecture.

Shoufa Village

The village is the site of Khirbet Samara, ‘the ruins of Samara,’ where archaeological ruins show that the area was used as a military base for the Romans during the Roman reign in Palestine. The village is also surrounded to the southwest by the ruins of many Roman towers, which signifies that the village was located near an important Roman road during that period.