Valley ofthe Queens

Located on the West Bank of Luxor near the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens is the place where wives of Pharaohs were buried in ancient times as well as princes, princesses and various members of the nobility. Nefertari’s tomb, Ramses II favourite wife,  is the most famous attraction. The tomb is said to be one of the most beautiful in Egypt: it is completely painted with scenes depicting Nefertari being guided by gods. Approximately 1 km off the road leading to the Valley of the Queens is located Deir El-Medina. Although it means the ‘town’s monastery’ the name refers to a Ptolemaic temple, dedicated to Hathor, but which was later occupied by early Christian monks. Near the temple, lie the ruins of the Worksmen’s Village, an ancient town where workers and artists who created the tombs of the Valleys of the Kings and Queens lived and were buried in. Some of the workers’ tombs are beautiful works of art, really worth a visit. Ticket Price(s): Regular: 35 EGP Student: 20 EGP Nefertari’s Tomb: Regular: 100 EGP Student: 50 EGP Basdo’s Tomb: Regular: 15 EGP Student: 8 EGP Ay’s Tomb: Regular: 25 EGP Student: 15 EGP Deir El-Medina Regular: 25 EGP Student: 15 EGP