Visit Al Thumama Stadium

Built for the FIFA World Cup 2022™, Thumama Stadium is built in the shape of local headwear. 

The first stadium designed by a Qatari architect, Ibrahim Mohammed Jaidah drew inspiration from the gahfiya, traditional headwear in Qatar and across MENA. The stadium’s white cladding mimics the complex design of the gahfiya, a head piece worn by young boys before they reach adulthood, at which point ghutras are added atop the gahfiya.


Al Thumama Stadium is named after the area in which it is located, which, in turn, took its name from a tree that grows locally. After the FIFA World Cup 2022™, the stadium’s seating capacity will be halved, and it will become a mixed-use leisure development. 

Al Thumama Stadium received the MIPIM/Architectural Review Future Project Award 2018 in the sport and stadiums category.  It also won the best design award in the “Sports Facilities and Stadiums Under Construction” category at the 17th edition of the MIPIM/Architectural Review Future Project Awards. This award recognizes the technological innovations used in their design and construction, as well as their connection to the environment.