Wadi Chic

For those looking to escape life’s hustle and bustle, amble on over to the beautiful surroundings with incredible views, pack up your hamper and head off for a picnic in the fresh air. 

Wadi Hanifah

Head to Wadi Hanifah and soak up spectacular vistas, creating pockets of open spaces with lush greenery and streams while offering a chance to connect with nature, relax, unwind and be active.

Wadi Laban Dam

Cozied up next to the Hanging Bridge, Wadi Laban Dam is a little slice of grassy water preserve where you can wriggle your shoes off and bask in the sunshine. There is also a trail popular among cyclists in this location.

Al Bujairi Garden

Located in the Al Bujairy District and overlooking the historical site of Salwa Palace, Al Bujairi Garden is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. This idyllic spot is complete with lush greenery, brimming with palm trees that make a perfect canopy for picnics.Additionally, from Hofuf it takes an hour by car to reach Al Khobar, where you can visit the Sci-Tech Center or about an hour and 40 minutes to go off-roading in Al Qatif.

Namar Lake

Have yourself a nice picnic at Namar Park, one of Riyadh’s best-kept secrets and sit by the scenic lake to watch ducks float on by as you marvel at the beautiful natural panorama this site has to offer.

Diplomatic Quarters

Ramble in vast green and rocky spaces tucked within the confines of the Diplomatic Quarters, dotted with palm trees, some fauna and hidden waterfalls before heading to the Oud Square for great alfresco-eating spots.